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Chaos on Deponia

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“Chaos on Deponia” follows the path of a classic point-and-click adventure while exploring the possibilities of interactive narrative. The second instalment of the trilogy leads back to the planet Deponia on an epic storyline, in which the player in the role of the antihero Rufus fights to rescue this junk planet and improve his living conditions. Filled with engaging peculiar characters, bizarre locations and strange creatures, all staged in a congenial cartoon style, the complex setting not only provides manifold themes with a lot of references to real life but also off-beat humour and great depth. Characterised by a unique visual design with affectionately hand-drawn scenes, the Deponia Series is a parody and reflection of social conventions and grievances. The whole planet is a single junkyard, and therefore a huge playground for adventure gamers as well as a childhood dream that has come true. Statement by the jury »“Chaos on Deponia” offers a complex storyline in which the tragic hero Rufus on his mission to save the junk planet experiences many adventures and faces difficulties. The game surprises with imaginative settings and twists in plot, spirited wordplay and witty dialogues, as well as a highly appealing graphic style. Informed by the narrative talent of the developers, the many strange and peculiar characters in the game are outstanding.«

  • Client:
    Daedalic Entertainment, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Daedalic Entertainment, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Jan Müller-Michaelis
  • art direction:
    Simone Kesterton
  • programming:
    Eduard Wolf
  • animation:
    Gunnar Bergmann
  • executive producer:
    Carsten Fichtelmann
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