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Cheburashkini Brothers

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The Cheburashkini Brothers’ farm is a family-run modern dairy business, restored from four old farms, in an ecologically clean area of Moscow. Its brand identity is based on a typography that uses the first letters of the products as the central design element contrasted prominently against a white label. To achieve this, a display sans-serif typeface with a set of weights was created, while the Cyrillic version of Euclid Flex from Swiss Typefaces was used for the text setting. The brand identity was inspired by ancient Slavic symbols for seed, grass, earth and other things related to farming. Thereby, a system of symbols was developed illustrating the entire process of farming and dairy production. These graphics appear as an additional element of the identity, reflecting the agricultural themes in an abstract manner. The same way as a plant grows from a seed to a flower, the graphics and letters evolve in the order of increasing fat content. Realised with a broken tones colour palette and high clarity in appearance, the identity includes, among other things, all print products, the packaging and the spatial design of the dairy factory.

Statement by the Jury

Milk and dairy products are common everyday produce. Therefore, the highly sophisticated and attractively designed brand identity for Cheburashkini Brothers is all the more exceptional. The graphical and, along with it, the typographic implementation convinces with its simplicity and stringency that make the products truly stand out from other comparable products, lending them a premium and pure character.

  • Client:
    Cheburashkini Brothers, Moscow
  • Design:
    Ermolaev Bureau, Moscow
  • Creative Direction:
    Vlad Ermolaev
  • Graphic Design:
    Vlad Ermolaev, Vika Nursalimova
  • Motion Design /_Project Management:
    Victoria Ermolaeva
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