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This work symbolises the idea that couples are destined for marriage by fate, a belief that is still held by many people. It is inspired by the Chinese legend of the “Old Man under the Moon”, a god of marriage and love, who, able to foresee who was going to marry whom, tied the feet of these men and women together with a red cord. Paper, featuring delicate filigree cut patterns representing this red cord, was used for the design of a Lantern of Light – a traditional symbol of prayer in Taiwan – to illustrate the mythic story and convey its meaning to today’s young generation. Depicting the style of a peach blossom lantern and inspired by the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, 12 lights were created, the lighting of which is aimed at responding to prayers. The packaging, including the carefully crafted cards and a hang-up heart, does more than hold everything together; it is part of the set itself: opening it at the bottom end reveals the instruction manual, implemented into the design. Statement by the jury »Chi-Shian-Yuan is an extraordinary work because it merges the individual elements of its packaging, the contained products and their cultural message into a harmoniously balanced unity. Furthermore, the branding of the packaging with the description of use on the inside is also highly convincing.«

  • Client:
    Asia University, Taichung supervising professor Chun-Chun Hou
  • Design:
    Chao-An Su, Yu-Lin Lin, Hsiang-Yi Lai, Yi-Ling Chen
  • head of marketing:
    Chao-An Su, Yu-Lin Lin
  • creative direction/concept:
    Hsiang-Yi Lai, Yi-Ling Chen
  • art direction:
    Chao-An Su, Yu-Lin Lin
  • graphic design:
    Hsiang-Yi Lai, Yi-Ling Chen
  • text:
    Chao-An Su, Yu-Lin Lin