CHROMOLUX »more with less« Challenge

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This publication is the documentation of the “more with less” Challenge award. The glossy black cover takes up the “more with less” motto in its minimalistic style. All additional textual and visual information is concealed in a Japanese Otastar binding. Whoever wants to know more about the pictured work has to open the pages first. The design of the inside sheets draws its appeal from the high quality of CHROMOLUX paper. Pictures are printed on the glossy side of the paper and text on the respective matt reverse side. The limited edition is numbered from one to 1,000.

  • Client:
    Metsä Board Zanders GmbH, Business Area Cartonboard, Bergisch Gladbach
  • Design:
    zinnobergruen gmbh, Düsseldorf
  • Art Direction:
    Bärbel Muhlack, Tobias Schwarzer