Information & Wayfinding System

City of Meran

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The information and wayfinding system for the town of Meran, Italy, consists of a colour scheme, a typeface, a pictogram family and a design template for the various sign element formats, as well as custom-made spatial supports. The content and positioning of all public realm elements were defined together with an interdisciplinary working group. The bilingual information and wayfinding system is thus strategically adapted to different situations and requirements. Thanks to the well-thought-out colour scheme and typeface, it allows for easy and targeted orientation in the town.

  • Design:
    Lupo & Burtscher, Bozen
  • Collaboration:
    Giuliano Chimenti, Claudia Polizzi, Andreas Trenker
  • Metalwork:
    Baumetall, Percha (Bozen)
  • Client:
    Stadtgemeinde Meran