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Claybox | Red Dot Design Award

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Claybox is a piece of software enabling children to create virtual 3D sculpture models. It is based on a user interface that can recognise human gestures. First, the software records and analyses the user’s gestures and sculpting behaviour when working with real clay in order to be able to recognise and read them later. Thanks to the air-touch interface, users do not have to touch the screen when creating and working on models. Once the model is finished, it can be printed out from the Claybox system using 3D printing technology.

Red Dot Design Award

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Artwork:
    Seunghee Yang, Korea University
  • Design:
    Jungmin Shim, Yeojin Park, CO:UX Design Lab, Korea University
  • University:
    Korea University, Seoul
  • Client:
    Korea Institute of Science and _Technology, Seoul
  • Project Management:
    Minji Son, Korea University
Claybox | Red Dot Design Award