Red Dot Design Award
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Coca-Cola Chill Activated Can

Coca-Cola Chill Activated Can | Red Dot Design Award

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The Coca-Cola Chill Activated Can stages the ice-cold Coca-Cola drinking experience by utilising thermochromatic ink to achieve surprising visual effects: the key visual on the can shows ice cubes within the historic bell glass. Once chilled, the ice graphics within the glass change colour, taking on the hue of “Georgia Green”, which is the shade of Coca-Cola’s contour bottle. The motif of the bell glass shape is a homage to the over 84-year-old symbol of the brand. The cans were initially launched in partnership with 7-Eleven stores during the summer of 2013 and were extended to a national release later.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    The Coca-Cola Company North America, Atlanta
  • Design:
    Turner Duckworth, London/San Francisco
  • Creative Direction:
    David Turner, Bruce Duckworth, Sarah Moffat
  • Design Director:
    Chris Garvey
  • Graphic Design:
    Josh Michels, Melissa Chavez