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CoGa – The Boardinghouse Connecting Service for University Students

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“CoGa” is a boarding house connecting service bringing together students from abroad with Korean locals. “CoGa” is a compound word of “Co” standing for “together” and “Ga” meaning “house” in Korean. Foreign students, who cannot stay at a hall of residence, can search for boarding houses via the app. Hereby, they not only find a place to sleep, but also get the opportunity to experience Korean culture living under the same roof with natives. The app looks like a city map and has the magpie as its logo, which is a symbol for beloved guests in Korea.

  • Client:
    Korea University, Seoul
  • Design:
    Korea University, School of Art & Design, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Prof. Seung Hun Yoo
  • Design Team:
    Seonghui Kim, Suha Oh