Red Dot Design Award

Colored Needle

Colored Needle | Red Dot Design Award

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Colored Needle improves on traditional needle eyes by combining soft and hard materials to optimise the user experience. Because the soft material is highly pliable, one only has to press the needle eye to enlarge the opening when leading a thread through. Furthermore, the soft material makes the needle more natural to pick up. The coloured tips also enable users to see and locate the needle quickly while serving as a way to differentiate the needle dimensions. This simple change vastly improves the traditional design and brings about a completely different experience. Colored Needle employs low-impact materials and processes. Coupled with its empathy for elderlies with weak eyesight, it fully embodies the concept of people-oriented design.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    M-Vision Industrial Design (Xiamen) Co.,LTD., China
  • Team Lead:
    Yeh Shu-Hung
  • Design:
    Zhou Qingqing
Colored Needle | Red Dot Design Award