Brand Identity

ColorOS (Color Operating System)

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ColorOS is a customised smartphone operating system based on Android, which is designed to be an engaging and intelligent partner for young users. Inspired by the idea of a chameleon and simplified to the letter C, the new logo creates an eye that represents the window into a new, colourful and exciting world – the world of ColorOS. The intriguing visual elements and a motion logo have been brought to life across all media. Three months after the launch, more than one million users across Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China have installed the system.

  • Client:
    OPPO Mobile Telecommunications, ColorOS Department, Shenzhen
  • Design:
    MetaDesign China Limited, Beijing
  • Creative Direction:
    Stefanie Diers
  • Design Direction:
    Bamboo Huan, Yuting Chang
  • Graphic Design:
    Jun Li
  • Account Management:
    Victor Pang