Red Dot Design Award

COOKING M3--Smart Rice Cooker

COOKING M3--Smart Rice Cooker | Red Dot Design Award

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Cooking M3 is equipped with the functions of a traditional steamer, AI, multi-cooking unit control and wireless charging capability to ensure a healthy diet is readily accessible in a fast-paced lifestyle. Equipped with smart voice interaction function, independent control of a multi-cooking unit, an RF induction lid, inductive wireless charging and a LED indicator lamp, it modernises the traditional steamer and encourages people to have as varied a diet as possible. Intelligent, heat preserving, time- and power-saving, Cooking M3 is more efficient than any traditional rice cooker. Users can navigate through the functions and settings via remote voice control easily thanks to the in-built natural language processing algorithms (NLP) and AI technology. Direct mechanical operation is reduced to keep hands free for other tasks. Through the human infrared induction technology, Cooking M3 automatically opens its lid when it senses body movement, which eliminates direct contact and the risk of scalding. The built-in intelligent control chip allows the user to cook three different types of foods simultaneously under independent control of the three heating modules. The preset colours of the LED indicator lamp will change according to different usage and status. With inductive wireless charging, it also has better mobility. Restriction of power lines and plugs will never be a problem again. Cooking M3 forges the way for more user-friendly appliances that create a better user-appliance interaction experience.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    China Mobile(Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Xiao Zhihua
  • Design:
    Gao Junwu, Li Lei, Xu Qinqin
COOKING M3--Smart Rice Cooker | Red Dot Design Award