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Coors Light

Coors Light | Red Dot Design Award

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This citrus variant was released as the brand’s light beer during the summer season. Its packaging was designed to appeal to the specific target market of Hispanic millennials. The solution combines the new Coors Light visual identity elements, including the iconic Rocky Mountain range and a silver and red colour palette, and also introduces citrus flavour cues. The elegant use of citrus wedges to form the epic mountains of the Rockies provides differentiation from the core range, while also communicating the refreshing flavour. The citrus hues of the wedges are offset against the cool silver background, adding impact to the store shelf.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Creative Direction:
    Mark Waters
  • Production:
    James Norris, Will Rawlings
  • Head of Design:
    David Turner, Bruce Duckworth
  • Design:
    Turner Duckworth, London/San Francisco
  • Graphic Design:
    David Thompson, Matt Lurcock, John Randall, Stuart Madden, Adam Cartwright, Jennie Spiller, Miles Marshall, Mathilde Solanet
  • Design Direction:
    David Thompson
  • Client:
    MillerCoors, Chicago
  • Account Management:
    Fay Bandoula, Kate Elkins
Coors Light | Red Dot Design Award