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Cover& v2.0

Cover& v2.0 | Red Dot Design Award

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This sequel to the lock screen mobile app “SKT Cover&”, launched in 2014, uses the existing framework and embraces the original identity, but usability and convenience have been improved according to user feedback. The main focus for the updated version was on enhancing three key aspects of the original application: the user interface, the design and the service. In order to create a better user experience, the interface was adapted in a way that made sure the app was easier to use and understand. Details in graphics and interactive design were added to make the app more life-centred.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    SK Telecom, Seoul
  • Design:
    designfever, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Jaehyung Park, designfever
  • Art Direction:
    Sukkyung Choi, designfever
  • Art Direction:
    Jinhee Cho, SK Telecom
  • Graphic Design:
    Deukheon Kim, Dahae An, designfever
  • Head of Marketing:
    Sungill Lee, Seunghyun Lee, SK Telecom
  • Motion Design:
    Youngsu Han, Seunghan Ban, Jayeon Kim, designfever
  • Project Management:
    Jinsun Jung, designfever
  • Publisher:
    Byungjun Kwak, designfever
  • Strategic Planning:
    Sukyoung Kwon, Minkyoung Kim, designfever
Cover& v2.0 | Red Dot Design Award
Cover& v2.0 | Red Dot Design Award
Cover& v2.0 | Red Dot Design Award