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Creatorlink is a site builder that helps people with no coding knowledge to easily set up an impressive and responsive website. The platform takes a new approach called Modular Building Method. This method allows users to build a site by choosing and modifying reusable blocks, instead of using a fixed template. Users can select and edit blocks from a variety of categories and styles. The modular building principle is also reflected in the simplicity of the site layout that organises and illustrates even rich individual content into clear arrangements.

  • Design:
    DENN, Seoul
  • Client:
    DENN, Seoul
  • Programming:
    Zinbe Kim, Hye Ran Kang
  • Project Lead:
    Hyo Hwan Kim
  • UI_/UX Design:
    Eun Jin Lee, Jin Hee Ahn
  • Art Direction:
    Kyu Hwan Lee
  • Quality Assurance:
    Seong Vin Lee