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CREON MTS | Red Dot Design Award

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This trading app for the Korean company Daishin Securities was designed to simplify mobile trading. With a heavy focus on usability and user experience, the Creon MTS app accomplishes the feat of offering a multitude of features in a neat package, while maintaining the brand identity. The distinct brand colour Creon Magenta is used throughout the app, with even the glossiness of the company logo being reflected through gradients on basic menu and action buttons. By using intuitively recognisable icons, the complexity of trading is further reduced. The guided user interface – with its quick menu, history buttons and user-enabled filters – minimises the number of actions a user must perform in order to obtain the desired information.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Daishin Securities, Seoul
  • Design:
    NINEFIVE, Seoul
  • creative direction:
    Bongchan Kim (Daishin Securities), Younghee Jo
  • graphic design:
    Suwoong Byun, Kihan Kim, Yujin Kwon
  • project management:
    Seunggeun Lim (Daishin Securities), Moonsoo Kim
  • account management:
    Ilsik Chae (Daishin Securities), Yujin Won