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Crushing Pedal

Crushing Pedal | Red Dot Design Award

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The German county of Löwenberger Land needed to raise awareness of the increasing number of traffic accidents in the area that involved pedestrians. Most of these accidents were caused by motorists speeding in town. Resorting to drastic visual imagery, the Crushing Pedal campaign highlights the threat that speeding poses to pedestrians. The gas pedal, therefore, was turned into a strong key visual: pressing it too hard has a direct impact on the people situated below it in the illustration. Billboards with these motifs were placed next to high-risk roads in the Löwenberger Land.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Gemeinde Löwenberger Land
  • Design:
    Scholz & Friends
  • Creative Direction:
    Martin Pross, Matthias Spaetgens, Florian Schwalme, Mathias Rebmann
  • Art Direction:
    Björn Kernspeckt, René Gebhardt
  • Text:
    Mateo Sacchetti, Markus Emeling
  • Graphic Design:
    Robert Hellmundt, Erwin Lorenz, Alexander Döpel
  • Photography:
    Hans Starck
  • Illustration:
    Peppermill Berlin
  • Account Management:
    Alexander Wittner, Anna Gabriel
  • Art Buying:
    Kirsten Rendtel
Crushing Pedal | Red Dot Design Award