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Current State: Snowboarding

Current State: Snowboarding | Red Dot Design Award

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“Current State: Snowboarding” portrays contemporary global snowboarding culture in two interconnected and interrelated books. Over 450 pages, it introduces this sport’s most prominent personalities of the past 30 years in interviews and with numerous pictures. The layout is as vibrant as the interviewed characters and their sport, and alternates from pages with a rigorous, classic typeface to pages with an individual, handwritten design. When both books are unfolded in parallel, an entire spread consisting of four complementary pages becomes visible – two pages in the upper and two in the lower book. This unusual format was selected to at once accommodate the large amount of beautiful black-and-white photography. It is also a solution for integrating the Japanese translation, which needed to be positioned alongside the same visual content. Both books, however, can also be read individually. Statement by the jury »This book project surprises with its unusual composition and its extremely versatile design. The numerous photos and image series are integrated in a clever way and in combination with illustrations, the typography, simple sketches and notes turn this book into a highly interesting work that is fun to read.«

  • Client:
    Swatch AG, Biel/Bienne
  • Design:
    David Benedek, Munich
  • creative direction/art direction:
    David Benedek
  • graphic design:
    David Benedek
  • text:
    Martin Liebl
  • pre-press/production:
    J. Gotteswinter GmbH
Current State: Snowboarding | Red Dot Design Award
Current State: Snowboarding | Red Dot Design Award
Current State: Snowboarding | Red Dot Design Award
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