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The innovative CURVES travel magazine has the appeal of a road movie on paper. The first issue presents the most beautiful routes through the French Alps in spectacular landscape photographs, complemented by basic travel information, useful maps and an amusing story about two friends and their travels. The concept thus merges unique shots of mountain passes and curving roads with the five-day trip by these two protagonists. This fictitious road movie aims to offer readers the possibility of experiencing the trip first through the eyes of these two friends, before actually getting on the road themselves. The high-quality production of the magazine is characterised by a distinctive, clear typography and lush photographs that aim to inspire readers through images and content to plan their own road movie. Whether readers travel by car, motorbike or bicycle is left up to them. The magazine refrains from suggesting any particular means of transportation and thus never shows any vehicle in the illustrations. Statement by the jury »The magazine, which is targeted at passionate car, motorbike and bicycle enthusiasts alike, surprises with shots that consciously omit showing any means of transportation. The landscapes themselves, shown with full-page photographs, thus feature even more prominently and with them the emotions that they evoke. The clear and distinctively laid out typography further enhances the inviting appeal to read the magazine.«

  • Client:
    Mercedes-AMG GmbH, Affalterbach
  • Design:
    Factor Product GmbH, Munich
  • designer:
    Stefan Bogner - Partner fpm