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Dandelion | Red Dot Design Award

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Dandelion is a tyre inspired by the flower that removes the need for compressed air to support a vehicle's weight. By enabling increased ground contact, the tyre performs well even on rough roads and in off-road environments and requires almost no maintenance, maximising a vehicle’s operating capability. The tyre is designed with 72 pins centred on a spherical nucleus. Each pin moves up and down independently according to the road surface conditions, which increases the tyre’s surface area in contact with the ground, allowing vehicles to navigate any obstacle or road surface with ease. At the same time, safety is improved as Dandelion eliminates the danger that comes from a flat or blown-out tyre, while reducing the number of tyres scrapped due to punctures.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    NEXEN TIRE, South Korea
  • Design Lead:
    Park Ki Seok
  • Design:
    Cho Jin Hyeon, Kim Min Woo, Kim Tae Nyun, Kim Jin Hyuk, Park Jong Soo, Shin Soung Tae
Dandelion | Red Dot Design Award