Dansaekhwa – Korean Monochrome Painting

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The exhibition space is designed to create an ambience of appreciating two-dimensional artworks in a three-dimensional sense of spatial experience. The works are re-created and replenished through the beauty of Korean traditional architecture, “emptying and filling”: white void, space layer and windows, which are rectangular spaces cut out from the walls. The viewers are able to find out by themselves the main idea of works with an unbound gaze that penetrates the space. In the archive space, six-metre vertical wooden structures are set up, where the texture of the wood evokes a great sense of nature. The structure is composed of 360 compartments, in which all the materials documenting the artists’ achievements are inhabited either through books or videos; the space forms a forest, bringing together and uniting the various and complex ideas into one.

  • Client:
    National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
  • Design:
    National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea – Design Team
  • design director:
    Yong-Ju Kim
  • graphic design:
    Jun-Ho Jang