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Dark Sky

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Too much light at night, also called light pollution, has harmful effects on people, animals and plants. This is scarcely known to the public, although the professional group called Dark Sky has committed itself for many years to suggesting solutions for it. With the aim of raising awareness and making light pollution tangible as a problem, the latest campaign by this group focuses on the core element of the issue: artificial light at night. In order to gain access to all information, website visitors are forced to do exactly what would be a solution for the light pollution issue at night: they have to turn the light off. The key element of this digital campaign is an interactive video on the website, which reacts via webcam to the brightness in the viewer’s room and thus not only introduces website visitors in an emotional way to the problem but also requests them to interact. The viewer’s behaviour hence decides on both the ending of the video and whether additional information on the topic is unlocked on the website.

Statement by the Jury

This digital campaign, concerning light pollution, is marked by an outstandingly implemented aesthetic solution in order to raise awareness of the issue. Website visitors can only gain access to the video and other information offered when they turn off the light in their rooms. Thus, they interactively decide on the content of the video as they accompany a young man suffering from insomnia walking through a city at night.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Design:
    Kevin May, Karlsruhe
  • University:
    DHBW Ravensburg
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