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Das Neue Testament als Magazin

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Using a great variety of typographic tools, the entire text of the New Testament was designed to be a comprehensive, contemporary magazine format for the first time. Prominent key sentences have been formatted to visually stand out, while modern photography abundantly spreads over double pages. The text, which has often been described as overly dense, thus becomes more readable. Thanks to graphic ideas, single words appear like images. Those who carefully examine the passage of the Sermon on the Mount, for example, will detect a cross atop a hill in the graphic layout of the text.

  • Client:
    Bibelmagazin GbR, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Neubau Editorial Design, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Andreas Volleritsch
  • art direction:
    Oliver Wurm
  • concept/editor:
    Brigitte Maria Mayer