Red Dot Design Award

Das Rote-Faden-Buch

Das Rote-Faden-Buch | Red Dot Design Award

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The Red Thread Book is part of a communication campaign which has as its primary goal to make Abtei, a manufacturer of dietary supplements, more accessible to a younger target group. Students in particular, given the high level of pressure put on them in their studies, were identified as the target group for this book, which was made available on bulletin boards at universities. The book features ten useful hints for preparing and giving a successful presentation, transforming and embodying the idea of a “red thread” one-to-one as seen by the ten guidelines which unfold as a single red thread from the very first to the last page and every page in between. Each letter and illustration in the book, without ever being cut or interrupted, are stitched from a single red thread which connects them all. The work itself is a visual reminder that reinforces the advertising message: Abtei Ginkgo Plus strengthens a person’s memory and concentration. Statement by the jury »This book is truly remarkable and a real piece of craftsmanship in terms of how the red thread runs uninterruptedly through the entire book, forming typography and illustrations. The designers thus manage to make a strong and convincing statement.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG, Bühl
  • Design:
    Ogilvy & Mather Advertising GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • creative direction:
    Rob Bruenig
  • art direction:
    Sandra Prescher
  • text:
    Markus Bredenbals, Katharina Kiklas
  • typography:
    Eleonore Bappert
Das Rote-Faden-Buch | Red Dot Design Award
Das Rote-Faden-Buch | Red Dot Design Award
Das Rote-Faden-Buch | Red Dot Design Award