Das Wolkenkratzer Kochbuch

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This cookbook is actually the corporate brochure of an advertising agency. Its aim is to whet the customer’s appetite – in the veritable sense of the word – for the agency’s services. The book offers readers insight into how the agency works with regards to text, design and images. It has a plain cover bearing the phrase “iss so” (eat this way) in unobtrusive print. The inside of the book contains generous and calm double-page spreads, some of which display photographs of food. In line with the underlying idea, the inside is designed like a cookbook.

  • Client:
    Wolkenkratzer, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    Wolkenkratzer, Frankfurt/Main
  • head of client service direction:
    Oliver Lebkücher
  • graphic design:
    Michael Leidenheimer
  • printing:
    Thomas Hobein