Red Dot Design Award


Dashilar | Red Dot Design Award

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This website aims to remind the user of the fact that Dashilar is the oldest commercial district in China. Its key idea is “dynamic intersections”. The website design breaks with the traditional linear mould and is more open. The website is built around a map and a calendar. It interactively unfolds layer by layer, presenting three parallel sections: Past and Present, Ongoing, and Interactive Map. They are independent from each other, yet at the same time interrelated. Thanks to its division into three parts, the website provides a wealth of information in a structured way.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Dashilar Platform, Beijing
  • Design:
    G_Lab Design, Beijing
  • Project Management:
    Yang Zhang
  • Technical Direction:
    Lei Chang
Dashilar | Red Dot Design Award