User Interface Design


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The concept for the software interface DATRON next resembles the app tiles familiar from smartphones and facilitates an intuitive operation of CNC milling machines. Operators navigate the milling programme effortlessly using swipe gestures. Self-explanatory icons and realistic 3D illustrations of tools and components, combined with a contrasting colour scheme, help to quickly identify the various functions and provide a clear overview. The combination of a camera inside the machine’s interior with a multitouch display enables easy workpiece measuring.

  • Product Management:
    Gregor Leinfelder (Head of Product Management)
  • Design and Creative Department:
    Frank Wesp (Creative Director), Stephan Roeber
  • Design:
    DATRON AG, Mühltal
  • New Development_/Future Products:
    Benjamin Böck
  • Client:
    DATRON AG, Mühltal