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Signage System

Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic

Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic | Red Dot Design Award

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The concept of the signage system for the Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic is inspired by multi-bracket appliances, more specifically the wires that keep them together and fix them on the teeth. In the implementation of the system, these brackets are represented by small silver-coloured squares and the wires by rubber band that can easily be tied around the squares. Based on this design idea and on the materials which are used in these elements, a family of pictograms was created along with numbers which, placed on glass surfaces and doors, serve to identify the different clinic areas and immediately convey an association with the profession of the client. In combination with a distinctive typography, which reflects the strength of the rubber band, this resulted in a system that is easy to install and has a very simple yet clear and friendly appearance that helps create a positive environment. The aim of placing the aesthetic perception centre stage and thus minimise patients’ inhibition and fear of pain, has been implemented optimally. Statement by the jury »The idea for this signage system is fantastic and works perfectly well – especially against the backdrop of the client. Inspired by the genuine daily work of orthodontists, it reflects their identity in a manner that is just as authentic as it is original and appealing.«

  • Client:
    Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic, Belo Horizonte
  • Design:
    Greco Design, Belo Horizonte
  • creative direction:
    Gustavo Greco
  • graphic design:
  • graphic design assistance:
    Fred Fita
  • illustration:
    Victor Fernandes
Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic | Red Dot Design Award
Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic | Red Dot Design Award
Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic | Red Dot Design Award
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