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De-Light Film

De-Light Film | Red Dot Design Award

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De-Light Film provides a solution for film photography lovers who lack proper darkroom facility. It is a two-product system that includes an enlarger and a developer. With the lightproof enclosure, users can operate the system in a normal light environment. They can print photos up to 10x10' from either 35mm film or medium format film. A 6” full HD IPS LCD touchscreen display is used to control the system, adjust images and receive operational instructions. The enlarger system projects the image from a negative film with a LED panel as the light source exposes the photographic paper. It allows the user to adjust exposures and contrast and digitally simulate dodge and burn effects with the help of the display. The developer system automatically develops the exposed photographic papers in the developing tray. All chemicals are pumped into the tray and circulated back to the same chemical box in sequence. Nano coating on all surfaces reduces chemical residue and contamination. The developing time is automatically determined by the image settings and photographic paper type. The whole system is easy to maintain and can be upgraded in the future for even larger prints.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Qi Zheng, United States