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Dear Crete – Eclectic Series

Dear Crete – Eclectic Series | Red Dot Design Award

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Eclectic by Dear Crete is a series of handmade cookies and biscuits prepared on the island of Crete with extra virgin olive oil. The main objective of the redesign was to enhance its exports in Europe and North America. The new name “eclectic” originates from the Greek word “eklektos”, meaning of special origin. Based on the main ingredient of each recipe, custom illustrations in the form of patterns were designed to create a unique visual ambience around each cookie, which in turn is shown in its original size on the front of the box.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Kalabokis SA, Siteia, Crete
  • Design:
    busybuilding, Athens
  • art direction:
    Dimitris Gkazis
  • graphic design/illustration:
    Vicky Nitsopoulou
  • text:
    Nikos Paleologos
  • photography:
    Dimitris Poupalos
  • account management:
    Effie Komninou
Dear Crete – Eclectic Series | Red Dot Design Award