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Deckel auf und los! Remove lid and go!

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This non-profit short animation clip aims to raise awareness of how important immediate help is for people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest. The clip demonstrates how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator), which recently have been installed in many public spaces. A key visual in the form of a balloon illustrates the first aid instructions and simplicity of use. The first deterrent effect on sudden cardiac death is communicated in a consistently positive and simple way through typography, illustration and language.

  • Client:
    hillus Engineering KG, Krefeld
  • Design:
    hillus Engineering KG, Krefeld
  • art direction/graphic design:
    Christoph Hillus
  • editor:
    Kamil Zaleski
  • animation:
    David Inhoven
  • voice:
    Lars Schmidtke
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