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Deja View

Deja View | Red Dot Design Award

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The Deja View microsite meets the design task of bringing the new Q50 and its innovative technology into the pop culture conversation especially among tech-savvy experience seekers through a captivating interactive concept. The aim of the microsite is to strengthen the brand’s position in order to entice users away from traditional luxury brands and address new target groups. The concept of Deja View is an exciting responsive film that combines a Hollywood-style mystery with cutting-edge interactive voice recognition and AI techniques into a story that changes and adapts every time it is watched. This is achieved by inviting users to take an active part in the plot development. Therefore, the film characters reach out from the screen and call on users to call and talk to them by phone as the story unfolds. The user thus turns into the third character in the story, the only character able to solve the ongoing mystery.

Statement by the Jury

The Deja View microsite captivates with its interactive nature that enhances the narrative concept by adding a new element. The clear cinematic imagery – the aesthetics of a Hollywood movie in combination with a sophisticated soundtrack – creates an exciting atmosphere. This is a highly successful tool to both raise interest on the side of potential customers and create long-term customer loyalty.

  • Client:
    Infiniti USA
  • Design:
    SapientNitro Campfire, New York
  • Agency President:
    Jeremiah Rosen
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Michael Monello
  • Creative Direction:
    Steve Coulson
  • Executive Producer:
    Christopher McLallen
  • Creative Technologist:
    Elena Parker
  • Art Direction:
    Yelan Tong
  • Account Director:
    Leila Attari
  • Graphic Design:
    Dylan Werner
  • Text:
    Steve Coulson, JC Hutchins
  • Film Direction:
    Phillip Van
  • Film Production:
    Moschini Productions
  • Digital Production:
    Dinah Moe
  • Online Editor/Colourist:
    Laura Tomaselli
Deja View | Red Dot Design Award
Deja View | Red Dot Design Award