Red Dot Design Award
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Dejianshou | Red Dot Design Award

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The design of the Dejianshou packaging resorts to striking symbolism. The products – noodles differentiated by colour – are visible within the packaging and are assigned specific meaning as design elements. They are used to depict typical traditional Chinese virtues, as well as health and longevity, by evoking obvious associations. Thus, the black face of Bao Zheng represents the black rice noodles, while another type of noodles points to the exaggerated long beard familiar from a well-known mask used in Peking opera.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    ZongHengTianXia, Lanzhou, China
  • Design:
    Yangsheng Zhang, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China
  • Typography:
    Chenlei Xu Lanzhou University
  • Artwork:
    Liang Zhang Lanzhou University
  • Concept:
    Hao Zhang Shanghai Shangde Experimental School Shanghai, China
Dejianshou | Red Dot Design Award