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Deponia Doomsday

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Deponia Doomsday is the fourth part of the Deponia saga. The adventures take place on the junk planet Deponia and its idiosyncratic environment. Anti-hero Rufus is a selfish, illtempered egocentric who believes that he is destined for something better. He takes the player on a peculiar adventure through a uniquely designed world. In contrast to other comparable games, Deponia Doomsday plays with the stereotypical game mechanics of adventure games and the player’s expectations for it. Players are continuously led into situations that are solved by the genre-typical trial-and-error procedure. However, due to Rufus’ eccentric and grumpy personality, circumstances worsen. As a result, by trying to solve one problem, Rufus creates new and even worse ones that players have to struggle with. In the course of events, players have to frequently cross their moral boundaries.

Statement by the Jury

Deponia Doomsday can be understood to be a kind of homage to the Deponia trilogy. The game has been expanded by a time travel aspect that fully convinces and enriches the game. Deponia Doomsday was designed so that each single screen, in principle, would also work as a painting with many lovingly crafted details – the settings are wonderful, the characters are diverse and entertaining. Although following typically point-and-click mechanisms, the interaction manages to continuously surprise players with new ideas in puzzle design and solution.

  • Production:
    Tom Kersten
  • Client:
    Daedalic Entertainment, Hamburg
  • Executive Production:
    Carsten Fichtelmann
  • Creative Direction:
    Jan Müller-Michaelis
  • Art Direction:
    Simone Grünewald
  • Design:
    Daedalic Entertainment, Hamburg
  • Story Writing:
    Jan Müller-Michaelis, Rene Anhaus