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Deutsche EuroShop Annual Report 2012

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Following the motto “Hamburg³” the 2012 annual report of the Hanseatic city presents its topics in a relaxed “vintage” style. Embedded in topical highlights related to the city, the report addresses the key topics of industry trends, consumption, purchasing behaviour and sustainability, and catches the interest of a broad readership in addition to the financial target group. From the choice of font to the unconventional design and natural paper, the publication homogeneously continues the tradition of earlier reports, but is nevertheless distinctive as an annual report.

  • Client:
    Deutsche EuroShop AG, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Whitepark GmbH & Co., Hamburg
  • editor-in-chief:
    Patrick Kiss
  • creative direction:
    Andreas Wittenburg
  • printing:
    EBERL PRINT GmbH, Immenstadt
  • post-production: