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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni | Red Dot Design Award

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According to the biographer Wolfgang Hildesheimer, Mozart pictured Don Giovanni as his alter ego. Therefore, on the poster advertising the opera, the portrait of Mozart is simultaneously the figure of Don Giovanni, the world-famous womaniser. His sexual passion is illustrated succinctly and unmistakably by a nude female body set as a background within the contours of the portrait. Furthermore, the silhouette, a technique frequently used in the eighteenth century to draw simple portraits by tracing the outline of a subject, references the era in which the opera was written.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Theater Biel Solothurn
  • Design:
    Atelier Bundi AG, Boll
  • art direction:
    Stephan Bundi
  • Stephan Bundi:
    Stephan Bundi