Red Dot Design Award
Beverage Packaging

Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt AG

Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt AG | Red Dot Design Award

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Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt is a young brewery in Winterthur (CH). On the basis of the defined corporate strategy, a dual brand strategy was developed. The premium brand “Doppelleu” symbolises Winterthur’s coat of arms, showing its emblem the lion, integrated with the two basic ingredients of beer: hops and malt. The high-volume brand “Chopfab” refers to the city’s patron Saint Alban who was executed by beheading. The black colouring of the brand identity reflects the promise of the beer: high quality, innovative, upmarket.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt AG, Winterthur
  • Design:
    schneitermeier AG, Zurich
  • Creative Direction:
    Andy Schneiter
  • Art Direction:
    Christian Guler
  • Graphic Design:
    Cornelia Mayer
  • Account Management:
    Christine Gasser
Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt AG | Red Dot Design Award