Beverage Packaging

Dr. P. Lacebo Drops

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Pseudo-medical preparations have been developed, designed and manufactured in-house as humorous gift articles under the label “Dr. P. Lacebo” since 2011. The packaging design for a new product series consisting of five fine brandies imitates the look and feel of a medicine bottle. The labels humorously and ironically indicate different areas of application and promote, for instance, raspberry brandy as an anti-senility tonic. The monochrome design is a successful contemporary and original interpretation of traditional pharmacy labels.

  • Concept/__Text:
    Riccarda Mueller
  • Creative Direction/Art Direction:
    Riccarda Mueller, Patricia Doleschel, Christine Doleschel
  • Design:
    abraxas design – Büro für Gestaltung, Westhausen
  • Client:
    Dr. P. Lacebo, Westhausen