Red Dot Design Award

Dr. Reckhaus Fly Trap

Dr. Reckhaus Fly Trap | Red Dot Design Award

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The Dr. Reckhaus fly trap represents insect repellent for indoor use with high ecological standards, thus reducing or avoiding the use of biocides. The packaging design also raises awareness for the value of insects. The product packaging has two components in order to clarify both the ecological aspects and the control aspect for the consumer. The outer packaging component in orange has a signal effect at the point of sale, while the interior white packaging component underlines the insect-friendly properties. The product promise is successfully conveyed by the quote, the text and also a reference to further information on the Internet.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Camera:
    Jelena Gernert, Jelena Gernert Productions, St. Gallen
  • Design:
    Alltag, St. Gallen
  • Client:
    Reckhaus AG, Gais, Appenzell Ausserrhoden
Dr. Reckhaus Fly Trap | Red Dot Design Award