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Dreamtrip | Red Dot Design Award

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“Dreamtrip” was a promotional website for Rich juice. It was characterised by a minimalist design but did not show the product itself. Instead, the website invited visitors to take part in an interactive competition. The page, vertically divided into four areas, initially presented different travel destinations from which the visitors could choose. A unique blend of sounds and full-screen videos created a special atmosphere, giving users the feeling that they were watching an interactive film instead of visiting a website.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    The Coca-Cola Company, Kyiv
  • Design:
    Adpro|Isobar, Kyiv
  • Creative Direction:
    Yuri Lence
  • Account Management:
    Anastasia Voitkevich
  • Copywriting:
    Mila Yazvinskaya
  • Sound/Video Design:
    Alexander Astron
  • Strategic Planning:
    Mila Krutchenko
  • Production:
    Igor Tkachenko
Dreamtrip | Red Dot Design Award
Dreamtrip | Red Dot Design Award