Notizbuch / Paper Journal


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The Drehbuch (Turn-Around Book), a paper journal for creative ideas, was developed for the Art Directors Club Germany. It follows a colour concept that is rich in contrast, and consists of a black and a white part. The book features a Z-shaped construction which allows users to flip through the white pages from one side and through the black pages from the other side. The Turn-Around Book comes together with a “turn-around pen” which writes in both black and white. In this way, positive people are allowed to think negative at times, while pessimists can discover their positive sides.

  • Client:
    Art Directors Club für Deutschland (ADC), Berlin
  • Design:, Frankfurt/Main
  • creative direction:
    Bernd Griese
  • text:
    Christoph Herold
  • project management:
    Sabine Kochendörfer
  • production:
    Dirk Mahlke