Red Dot Design Award

Dripp Coffee Shop Posters

Dripp Coffee Shop Posters | Red Dot Design Award

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As an extension of the Dripp logo and a visual-identity assignment, the Dripp Coffee Shop posters come as a set for in-store display. The design of these posters fuses old and new world styles with a generous serving of visual wit. They were designed and produced in a vintage café poster style that is executed with modern simplicity. Every touchpoint uses context and positive-negative play to combine visuals so as to surprise and delight customers.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Dripp Coffee, Chino Hills, California
  • Design:
    Turner Duckworth, London/San Francisco
  • creative direction:
    David Turner, Bruce Duckworth Sarah Moffat
  • design/illustration:
    Chris Garvey (Design Director)