Brand Identity

Dutch National Opera & Ballet

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The Dutch Opera, the Dutch National Ballet and the Amsterdam Music Theatre have merged to form the Dutch National Opera & Ballet. The basic thinking behind the new visual identity for this cultural institution is that both opera and ballet are in essence about “storytelling”. The Dutch National Opera & Ballet consists of numerous stories, both on stage and backstage. The layering of these stories is visible in the logo, with the name of the art forms in the foreground. The logo is used as a frame, leaving space for an everchanging range of stories.

  • Client:
    Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam
  • Design:
    Lesley Moore, Amsterdam
  • Account Management:
    Roel Stavorinus, MetRoel, Breda
  • Photography/Video:
    Petrovsky & Ramone, Amsterdam
  • Web Design:
    Lesley Moore, Amsterdam TamTam, Amsterdam
  • Concept:
    Lesley Moore & Zigmunds Lapsa, Riga
  • Animation:
    Lesley Moore & Simon Francois, Mexico City