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Easy Rental | Red Dot Design Award

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Baby prams tend to be inconvenient, especially when there are luggage and bags to manage. EASY RENTAL is available in all airport arrival lobbies, providing convenient pram rentals to travellers. Return the baby carriage on the day of departure to reduce luggage weight. After downloading the App, anyone can rent a pram ahead of time by selecting the rental and return dates. The system then calculates the deposit and rental fees. The user makes the payment, after which a digital code will be provided. On the day of arrival, the user can collect the rented pram directly from a self-service kiosk. On-site rentals are also available through the system. EASY RENTAL provides clean and sanitised prams. A transfer belt in the kiosk divides the prams into ‘for pick-ups’ (clean) and ‘for returns’ (used). EASY RENTAL staff regular pick up the used prams for sterilisation and repairs.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Yu Chiung Yi, Taiwan