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In order to put the business area of packaging in focus, the company Eberl Print displayed typical products from different countries individually packaged in its “Trip around the World” exhibition. Infused with the spirit of their respective country of origin, the exhibits ranged from 3D designs to typographic displays and created individual multi-sensory experiences. While a bag for a pair of limited edition premium jeans was manufactured for the USA, a chronometer packaging was created for Switzerland, using a typically Swiss graphical language alongside the colours red and white as well as the indicated cross as an unambiguous reference to the country. For France, the business incubator of the European perfume industry, a classic packaging for a perfume bottle was developed that opens in the middle to present the bottle in its own box including a recess. In terms of form and design just as individual as the countries they present, these packagings also play with different printing techniques and thus reflect the versatile potential of the craft.

Statement by the Jury

Excellent in terms of the basic idea, the implementation of cultural identities and the realisation of individual packagings, this triad makes the packaging design, created for the printing company Eberl Print, into an outstanding piece of work. The consistently crafted design incorporates a well-balanced confluence of packaging concepts, individual graphic appeal, and functionality.

  • Client:
    Eberl Print GmbH, Immenstadt
  • Design:
    Strichpunkt Design, Stuttgart / Berlin
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