Ecover Ocean Bottle

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This bottle was designed to increase the awareness for the danger that plastic debris causes to the oceans: the special edition Ocean Bottle is made with 10 per cent recycled plastic taken from the ocean, supplemented by recycled plastic from other sources. The minimalist packaging design follows Ecover’s pledge to increasingly process plastic waste taken from the ocean. More than one tonne of plastic waste of that kind has been recycled since production started this year. The design language is inspired by the skeletons of diatoms and radiolarians, two organisms that suffer in particular from the pollution. The organically appealing pattern helps optimise the stability of the bottle and achieves a weight reduction of 20 per cent.

  • Client:
  • Design:
    Logoplaste Innovation Lab
  • Creative Direction:
    Carlos Rego, Logoplaste
  • Account Management:
    Chris Clarke, Logoplaste
  • Project Management:
    Helder Almeida, Logoplaste Kirsten Vangenechten, Ecover
  • Strategic Planning:
    Tom Domen, Ecover
  • Technical Direction:
    Paulo Correia, Logoplaste