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Education not Medication

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“Education not Medication” – more affectionately known as EdnotMed – is a graphic social media strategy working through a range of design mediums to promote the message that heart disease, a common deadly killer, is preventable, stating the cause as being a series of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. In particular, the aim is to also help educate young people about the remarkable benefits of living a healthy and more “vegetabally” abundant lifestyle. The strategy began as a series of short, humorous and informative infographic animations, which were designed to be shared through social media, elucidating on important facts and alternatives in an attractive and emotive manner. Since the release in late 2012, the EdnotMed Facebook page has amassed over 2,600 followers and is exponentially growing in numbers. This stimulatingly designed page acts as a hub for sharing useful and carefully executed information regarding food, environmental issues and other inspiration and general tips on well-being. Statement by the jury »This infographic campaign manages in a highly refreshing and inspiring manner to raise awareness of a health issue that otherwise is mainly communicated morally with a raised finger. With an appealing design and a mode of presentation that is both informative and entertaining, the campaign stages the topic as a lifestyle theme and thus successfully triggers interest and engagement.«

  • Client:
    Massey University, Wellington
  • Design:
    Graedon Parker, Massey University, Wellington
  • supervising professor:
    Donald Preston
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By starting the video, you agree that data, e.g. your IP address, will be sent to Vimeo.