Red Dot Design Award
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effect German Supporters Edition

effect German Supporters Edition | Red Dot Design Award

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The design of this World Cup Special Edition 2014 energy drink is based on a purist brand design, underscoring the premium character of the beverage, which was developed in Germany. Coinciding with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the characteristic 15 dots of the “effect logo” are presented in the German colours of black, red and gold. In addition to the German version, special editions in the national colours of nine other European countries that took part in the World Cup were produced, allowing the fans of these national teams to demonstrate their support for their home country.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    MBG International Premium Brands, Paderborn
  • Design:
    G-DN, Hamburg
  • Head of Marketing:
    Cord Hendryck Vinke
  • Project Management:
    Christopher Klotz
  • Creative Direction:
    Florian Gerdts