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eicare eggs

eicare eggs | Red Dot Design Award

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The aesthetics of this packaging design is rooted in the free-range farming culture of eicare. The main illustrations feature chickens as protagonists and communicators of the farming practices. Playfully looking at each other, two illustrations interact, while the text flows in handwritten typography, thus indicating the humane values of the brand and completing the composition. As the chicken is the protagonist, various complementary illustrations highlight the quality of the product and the general feel of the eicare farm.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Art Direction:
    Marios Georntamilis
  • Design:
    Beetroot Design Group, Thessaloniki
  • Client:
    Barone Food AG, Wohlen
  • Creative Direction:
    Alexis Nikou
eicare eggs | Red Dot Design Award