User Interface Design

Elektron Overbridge

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With the realisation of Overbridge, analogue synthesizers and drum machines are fully integrated with computers. The path-breaking technology of Elektron Overbridge allows real ­analogue hardware instruments to be handled as software instruments, combining the power of the one with the benefits of the other. Instead of conceiving a digital simulacrum of a ­physical control board, the designers and developers utilised combined digital know-how and created a new visual experience, free from traditional rotary wheels and sliders. The intuitive Overbridge interaction patterns are designed with musicians in mind, enabling them to accomplish envisioned results in a straightforward manner. Accordingly, frequencies, for example, are visually represented as real-time updated graphs, which a user can edit, and information is not obscured in drop-downs or buried in menus. The day and night modes, utilising carefully designed colour schemes, combined with a highly functional and beautiful user interface, make Overbridge a perfect fit for the working life of a musician.

Statement by the Jury

It is a great technological achievement that this software for electronic music allows different beats and music inputs to be sampled via a digital interface into new acoustic compositions. This interface enables users to control analogue synthesizers and to integrate them into a ­digital world operated by the digital software. Moreover, the user interface really stands out with its clear and intuitive design.

  • Digital Concept:
    Jonas Hillman, Jimmy Myhrman, Jon Mårtensson
  • Client:
    Elektron Music Machines MAV AB, Göteborg
  • Creative Direction:
    Serj Levinta, Noel Braganza, Marte Holmöy
  • Design:
    The Techno Creatives, Göteborg