Short Film

Embrace the Unknown.

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This short film, which coincided with the launch of the BMW X1, was aimed at a target group seeking a vehicle that combines urban style and adventurous spirit. It follows a group of friends discovering the great outdoors and conveys that the unknown is nothing to fear, but something that sparks curiosity. Building upon the platform idea of an authentic yet magic “X-World”, everything moves in waves like a gigantic ocean. Thus, a poetic metaphor is used to symbolise a world that never stands still but constantly creates new opportunities.

  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Alexander Schill
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Maik Kähler
  • Creative Direction:
    Michael Wilk, Kolja Danquah
  • Text:
    Nina Puri, Angeliki Karnoupaki
  • Design:
  • Art Direction:
    Iliès Terki
  • Client:
    BMW Group, Munich